"Helping the vulnerable in our community"

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Based in Braintree, First Stop Centre is a grass roots project that offers real and immediate help to members of the community who are struggling with problems in their lives.

Our centre provides a safe space, where our team can give private non-biased advice. Our drop in service is available to all four days a week; so feel free to drop by for a drink, chat and a bite to eat from our kitchen. 


Our centre also serves as a location for delivering services such as counseling, anger management groups, English, Maths, ICT lessons and much more. These can be accessed by making contact with a member of our team, more details are available HERE

Who can benefit from the service?

First stop centre aim to meet the needs of all members of the community both in house and through referrals to other appropriate local organizations. We suggest our aimed demographics may be those who have/or are:

  • A history of mental health needs

  • Learning needs (so gaps in their learning or who have a learning disability)

  • Senior citizens

  • Single parents

  • Socially isolated

  • Substance mis-use

  • Unemployed (regardless of benefit status)

  • Those able to self refer to one of our services e.g. counseling client


First stop centre relies heavily on volunteers, donations and grants in order to be available at the point of need, to members of the community. Please find information on volunteering and donations HERE. All financial donations are greatly appreciated and are applied directly to the costs and running of the centre.

Covid-19 Update

Following government guidance, we are closing the drop in facility to keep everyone as safe as possible. We are still working out ways we can support clients, we hope to still make a difference and will be working hard to support where we can during this time


Our centre is located in Braintree, Essex. We serve as a walk in centre for anyone who meets our criteria which can be seen HERE. For further information on finding us please click HERE.


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If you are unable to find the information you are looking for on our website feel free to get in touch with a member of our team. This can be done in the bookings and contact part of our site by clicking HERE

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